Pets That Have Crossed The Rainbow Bridge

You'll be missed

This page is for us to celebrate and share the lives of patients that have crossed the Rainbow Bridge.

(The following passage was written by the owner):

My Dearest Gaia Moon,

I know you cannot receive this but if there were a mailbox at rainbow bridge I would mail this to you.

Wow little girl I cannot even begin to tell you how very much you are missed. I am so used to having you right by my side everywhere I go that your absents is greatly felt. Sometimes I lie in bed awake and just think about all our great adventures together...

Like when we were on the Fly fishing boat on the Colorado river and you just stood at the helm as if to guide us all the way around horse shoe bend. Oh and camping almost every year  from the time you were so small you fit in my sweatshirt pocket. We camped everywhere Escalate, Wasatch mts, Deserts in Arizona and more. Hey G remember when we were camping at the North Rim of the Grand Canyon and you chased the the tarantula and scared me to death?! Lol No fear little girl, you had no fear.

Then there were all our boating trips with Grandma. (Oh man you loved Grandma!) We would be on the boat with you on my lap leaning over and letting the wind and water whip you in the face. I had to hold you so tight so you didn't just blow right out! Then came the jet skis. I was going out on one and you jumped in and swam out to me; no way was I going without you! So I picked you up put you on the seat in front of me and off we went. You had a blast! I couldn't quit smiling; never could with you around me little G you made me smile every day.

And all the times we went to Uncle Brads Cabin, boy you really loved it up there didn't you? We hiked and explored everywhere. Oh man when they got the four wheelers it was all over. I got a pack for you and we rode for days, the faster the better!

Gaia Moon you lived life big little girl!! How lucky was I to have you on this life's journey.

All I can say at the end of it is thank you. Thank you not just for our great grand adventures too many to name but for your constant company, being always at my side through thick and thin. I was never alone when I had you, not even as a single mom raising a son; I had you by my side with absolute unconditional love. Through so many of lifes bumps you were there for me. My little eight pound girl you were a giant in spirit in every way. We were soul mates and best friends G and I miss you every single day

Until we meet again Gaia Moon, Love your Mom